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AP Master


Technology plays a critical role in almost every business function, yet accounts payable processing often relies heavily on manually intensive procedures and paper-driven operations. Case in point: Recent industry surveys indicate more than 80 percent of invoices are on paper, and more than 95 percent of processing time is keying data. In addition, as much as 55 percent of invoices contain irregularities. The average company pays thousands of dollars a year, if not millions, to process invoices, perform purchase-order matching, address defects and respond to vendor inquiries-with additional money lost on late-payment fees, missed discounts and more. It's time to end the constant drain on profits and productivity.

BancTec Knows Accounts Payable Automation. AP automation can provide significant bottom-line cost savings and improved efficiencies for companies struggling with paper invoices and inefficient approval cycles.  AP automation translates to accelerated invoice approval, reduced processing costs and more efficient AP personnel.

At BancTec, we lead the industry in providing the most advanced, comprehensive and efficient business processing solutions for the purchase-to-pay market-helping global customers in numerous industries save significant dollars. Using a suite of technology tools designed specifically for AP processing, we can help you address challenges at every stage of the accounts payable process, allowing your enterprise to reduce costs, increase control and maximize efficiencies.

With AP Master, BancTec offers a comprehensive, fully automated, out-of-the-box AP processing system that creates powerful business advantages for your company-whether you operate it internally or let us manage it for your organization on an outsourced basis. Either way, AP Master can cut down on the time, man hours and financial resources associated with the hassles and headaches of back-office AP processing, allowing you to focus more attention on your own business challenges. As a SaaS application, AP Master is a pay-as-you-go model and there are no user license fees.

BancTec Purchase-to-Pay Solutions Offer Real Business Advantages. AP Master is a Web-based SaaS solution that integrates with your ERP or accounting system and allows for easy configuration, but requires no programming.  AP Master can better manage your AP functions, and results in faster implementation times, improved productivity, reduced costs and improved ROI.

And our proven AP Master solution addresses the entire value chain-from purchase to payment-including invoice receipt, document image and data capture, PO matching, GL coding, online approvals with full audit trail, booking in ERP system, content storage and archiving, workflow management, posting, customized reports, queries and analyses. You can move your AP function to a more strategic level, increasing control, complying with regulations, improving competitiveness and tracking, managing and accessing payment information at every step.

AP Master is the best choice to handle accounts payable procedures and reduce costs, letting you focus on what you do best: your business. Whether operated by your own staff or outsourced, BancTec's AP Master solution can be customized to your exact needs and requirements, giving you a competitive marketplace edge.



Transactional Content Management for the enterprise.

Today's business environment is constantly driven by a need to improve profitability and grow the business. In order to do this, companies seek ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.  In today's economic environment, it is ever more critical that companies retain the clients that they already have and they must ensure quick response to customer-related business transactions.  They need to find better ways to monitor activities in order to improve and predict performance.  And of course, companies must be accountable in order to meet the ever-growing number of regulatory requirements.

Document capture applications traditionally offer transaction-based solutions that process specific document types at the departmental level, with separate applications required to process each document type.  The sales department has been responsible for processing order content; the claims departments, claims content; the accounts payable (AP) department, invoice content; the customer service department, correspondence, etc.  These silo-based applications, processing documents at the departmental level, are difficult to manage and provide little flexibility when it comes to automating all document types, adding new processes and departments, or managing priority documents and customer service levels.

eFIRST Process


This powerful suite of tools enables the rapid development, deployment and administration of scalable process management solutions-perfectly suited for large, high-transaction business environments.

By streamlining and optimizing business processes, eFIRST Process enables organizations to respond to change, redistribute valuable company resources, achieve process efficiency and gain greater control of their business functions. As a result, customers experience greatly improved levels of service and staff members can work in a more productive, satisfying environment. What's more, the automation of complex, multi-step operations and enforcement of busines principles relieves potential bottlenecks throughout the organization.

eFIRST Process is easy to use and implement.  While delivering a wide range of out-of-the-box functions to address common process management problems, eFIRST Process also provides the ability to tailor solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

eFIRST Process consists of seven integrated modules, forming a powerful suite of tools that enable the rapid development, deployment and management of scalable process management solutions.  eFIRST Process integrates with other products in BancTec's eFIRST portfolio, to provide end-to-end, enterprise-wide document capture, process management and archive solutions.

eFIRST Archive


eFIRST Archive provides a secure, long-term archive for all types of information, intuitively and intelligently using the most appropriate storage medium to ensure superior retrieval rates. A third-generation archive product, eFIRST benefits from years of frontline experience as a leading high-volume archive solution. Its enterprise platform for building archive management solutions can effectively manage and track any file or document, including images, data records, video and mixed media content.

Transparent storage enables rapid access to data from any application. The highly scalable system allows data to be stored in separate file systems-managed online, near line or offline automatically. This allows the system to use the most economical storage device, such as magnetic tape, optical disk, CD or DVD, without the user being aware of where each file is stored. Multiple copies of files can be archived to different storage media types in a standard format, minimizing the need for additional backup and providing fast recovery should a disaster occur.

As for flexible deployment, eFIRST Archive is easily configured to adopt new rules, business processes or usage patterns-all without being taken offline for reconfiguration. In addition, different storage devices can be upgraded on the fly by plug-in adapters at the storage access level. eFIRST Archive can interface to existing business systems and applications, allowing you to access all your business data from a single common point. It provides standard mechanisms for importing data and provides an API, which can be used by developers to quickly construct new functionality and integrate to other applications. A variety of platforms and programming languages can be used to develop client applications where necessary.

Supreme security is standard with eFIRST Archive, which is easily configured to adopt existing policies of your organization, ensuring secure, long-term storage of information. A login submits the username and password to a local or external certifying process and restricts user access via control lists where required. Designed for 24 x 7 uptime, it also allows multiple copies of files to be held on offline storage media, while creating master and back-up copies automatically. If any storage device fails, the information is retrieved and replicated by a separate device without user involvement.

eFIRST Capture


eFIRST Capture automatically captures, sorts, processes and intelligently distributes all types of paper and electronic documents arriving in your business-excelling in your most labor-intensive processing centers. By removing the need to transport paper documents around large organizations, eFIRST Capture allows companies to reduce the time it takes for documents to arrive at their intended destination, regardless of geography. All inbound documents, orders and correspondence are captured the moment they enter the organization and are processed quickly-leading to improved visibility over the entire documentation process, enabling you to pinpoint any bottlenecks in the system, and eliminating the risk of lost or misrouted documents.

Any Document, Any Data, Any Volume. Using the latest intelligent character recognition and classification techniques, the system can process myriad document types, including: requests, payments, emails, application forms, complaints, invoices, letters, PDA data, Web data, general correspondence, and documents from remote locations.

And from these document types it can extract a wide variety of information, for example: machine-printed text, hand-printed text, bar codes, tick marks, images, and signatures.

Automatic Document Classification. eFIRST Capture processes all important mixed documents types-scanners, fax servers and email-in a single pass, with no manual pre-sorting. Once classified through the recognition of keywords, phrases, image layouts and the interpretation of relevant rules, all relevant data within the document is automatically extracted and the document is routed to the appropriate work queue, directory or email address.

Correspondence Handling. One of eFIRST Capture's greatest strengths is processing unstructured documents, such as general correspondence. Using its powerful keyword and phrase identification tools, the system automatically classifies and processes these documents for exact distribution in your organization. Sophisticated validation features, for quicker unstructured document processing, are included in the system. Customer queries, complaints, account requests, transactions and other correspondence are identified and emailed to the correct business areas or individual for action, or imported into the correct profile within a content, document management or storage application. Customer details, dates, account numbers and addresses can also be identified for further classification or indexing if required.



PayCourier is BancTec's comprehensive payment processing solution for processing payment transactions, supporting both electronic and paper transactions with Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC) and Check 21 Image Exchange capabilities.

By offering a single, integrated system for managing the capture, processing, research and archival of payments and related documents, PayCourier significantly reduces costs-automating payment processes and providing a complete Automated Clearing House (ACH) check truncation suite using ARC. This solution is fully compliant with the latest security and data retention policies.

PayCourier increases customer retention and satisfaction
by quickly and efficiently processing customer information. It is a highly scalable solution, managing all payment and information processing and research needs with one easy-to-use system, yet meeting any evolving business need-without sacrificing quality or throughput. Offering an image-based processing system, PayCourier effectively manages remittance processing across geographically dispersed sites in a hub-and-spoke environment. Employees can work on the same job simultaneously, and workloads can be transferred to personnel at other sites. Features like remote keying, data management and workload balancing are fully automated and managed remotely, as keying from image snippets preserves the security of the documents being processed.

Built on the latest industry standard platforms and databases, PayCourier ensures a high level of reliability, as well as support for data replication between sites out of the box-with multiple levels of failover support to ensure business continuity. PayCourier technology also provides easy integration between PayCourier application and other internal or external systems.

Dealing with exceptions in payments processing is labor-intensive, time-consuming, error-prone and costly.  PayCourier provides extensive capabilities for exceptions management with an extensible architecture for handling complex transactions, ability to import electronic transactions, and integration with specialized processing solutions.  The Exceptions module is a Web-based application optimized to reduce cost and improve efficiency when resolving exception items, eliminating the need to send physical paper back to the customer for resolution.

PayCourier Archive


PayCourier Archive unites paper and electronic transactions, giving you the tools to manage, store and retrieve an unlimited amount of payment data and images. An easy to use Web-based solution, it puts all information at your fingertips, instantly ensuring customer problems and exceptions are resolved efficiently. Robust and scalable, PayCourier Archive has the ability to meet unlimited storage volumes while supporting thousands of users - stores data and images on a real-time and on-demand basis, and easily grows to meet business needs.

Typically bundled with the PayCourier remittance solution, the Archive's significant partitioning features, cross-references cash letter reports, and capture system supports can be configured as stand-alone or integrated within existing corporate infrastructure. The flexible query tool accommodates unique needs and preferences for any enterprise. Enhanced administrative features and improved performance keep the system running smoothly and efficiently, while redundant system architecture offers a fast, easy backup feature. Additionally, all data and images may be stored on tape management systems or on CDs and DVDs.

PayCourier Archive gives immediate access to the information needed to respond to customer questions - on a real time basis - for increased productivity and a positive experience. PayCourier Archive displays cash letters and multiple fields directly on the results screen. The cash letter is displayed in PDF format, which may be enlarged to a full-screen view and is fully searchable. In addition, PayCourier Archive has a separate query interface for cash letters containing an index for each significant text field - allowing searches based on date ranges, client information, ABA routing number, pocket total ranges, item count ranges, pocket cut ID and source information.

Better still, PayCourier Archive offers the use of filters to limit the amount of information displayed in query results. Filters also keep the information in the archive secure and limit access to authorized users while other security features include password encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support, and auditing capabilities.

In short, quick and easy access to cash letters means speedy resolution of missing checks, incorrect amounts and other deposit issues, to streamline bank reconcilements.

Image Sentry


Information is key in today's global environment, and information integrity is critical. BancTec's Image Sentry is advanced image quality and usability assurance software designed to help you achieve optimal image capture and exchange performance. Developed for consistent, high-volume document environments, Image Sentry software provides a level of assurance not achieved through scanning technologies alone.

In addition to automatically analyzing images against a baseline of user-defined quality benchmarks, the software flags deficiencies-enabling resolution of defects and issues before they enter your system. By identifying potential issues upfront, your company can avoid lost revenues, maintain SLAs, ensure greater levels of customer satisfaction and return focus to core operations.

Ensure Your System's Performance. While there is growing acceptance of electronic images for official records retention and exchange, legislative and regulatory pressures demand increased image integrity and quality. Insurance, accounting and financial organizations, legal and governmental institutions, retail companies and any other entity that utilizes scanned images will benefit from Image Sentry's advanced, real-time performance and safeguards.

Detect Low-Quality Images Earlier. Image Sentry's sophisticated image assessment, verification, correction and management allow you to increase the integrity, reliability and usability of images and information before it's transmitted or archived. State-of-the-art tools inspect the front and back of each captured image in real time, looking for inconsistencies. If anomalies are found, the software provides the opportunity to review and repair the document-no more potential problems or costly financial and legal exposure.

A Perfect Fit for Your Environment. Unlike other solutions, Image Sentry supports all leading image-capture devices and image formats, as well as any operational workflow environments-and it's easily scaled to fit operations of any size. What's more, it's designed to simultaneously handle multiple image sources and formats across a variety of image capture and archive applications, all critical considerations in distributed environments. Image Sentry technology operates as either a stand-alone, post-capture workstation or as an embedded component of your existing application.

Image Sentry is designed for ease of installation, operation and administration, while offering significant value and protection.

IntelliScan USC


IntelliScan USC is the software core of the IntelliScan solution suite, providing fully integrated capture and transport control.

IntelliScan USC provides real-time identification and processing of documents with a dynamic feature allowing scanned documents to be identified by type, using barcode (1D and 2D), true E13B MICR and OCR technology. Once a document type is associated with a form, decisions for inkjet print, sorting, capture settings or item sequencing can be assigned. This technology saves vast amounts of time, all the way from document preparation to capture.