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Card Authentication Package


Card Authentication Package (CAP) is software solution that improves security while making it easier and faster for users to authenticate and access networked Multifunctional Products. It allows you to reduce operating costs and establish a secure environment for printing, copying, scanning, faxing and document distribution. With CAP, you can use card authentication to prohibit or limit access to your devices, thereby ensuring document security and keeping the TCO under control. Apart from preventing unauthorised users from using an MFP, CAP can also limit access to specific MFP functions, for example to restrict access to confidential information on the document server. CAP can be expanded with a number of optional applications that use CAP's card authentication functionality to further increase security, cost control and ease-of-use.


  • One modular package applicable for small, medium and large customer environments
  • Improves security of information assets
  • Improves business processes and user efficiency
  • Can integrate with existing ID-card security system
  • Enhanced Locked Print NX helps strengthen document security when printing
  • CAP Enterprise Server makes authentication management more efficient
  • FlexRelease server offers the functionality that the prints will follow the end-user
  • Full integration with GlobalScan NX and Smart Device Monitor Report


DeskTop Editor for Production


DeskTop Editor for Production 2.0 is image-editing software used as a pre-flight workflow at CRD and POD environments. It allows users to edit and imposition scanned image data via High Volume MFPs and print data to these devices. At the same time, this product itself can be used as document management software, to manage paper originals and archive electronic originals.


  • Improved quality of documents
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Scalable & flexible workflow solution
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface




doc-Q-manager is a print management system which gives you total control over your print jobs and print queues. It enables you to manage automatically print queues, split print jobs or re-route them to a specific device or department. It can be used in a reprographics department for print room operators to control different output devices, or in a corporate environment where multiple devices on multiple floors may be managed, or by an IT department to control all queues on a corporate main print server.

doc-Q-manager improves efficiency, it is easily installed on your network and is compatible with most industry standards. In short, doc-Q-manager ensures that your print resource is used to its full capacity.


  • Control your print jobs and queues with ease.
  • Save money by improving the productivity and flexibility of your printing process.
  • Empower users to control their print output.
  • Improve the efficiency of your existing print resource.
  • Enable greater responsiveness to the print demand within your organisation.
Equitrac Express 4


Equitrac Express 4 is the most-advanced version yet of Equitrac's market-leading print and copy management solution for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and libraries. Equitrac Express 4 provides powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools for centralised management of your entire printer and copier fleet as well as enhanced print and copy quota allocation and payment options for students, faculty, staff, campus and library guests. Usage management capabilities help reduce waste and contain printer and copier costs, minimize IT resource requirements and reduce printing-related help desk calls.


With Equitrac software, you decide who may print, how many pages, on which machines. You can easily track, analyse or charge for every page output by any student, faculty member, staff or guest on any desktop printer, networked multifunctional device or walk-up copier.


  • Set and enforce student print quotas
  • Increase service levels and reduce help desk calls
  • Allocate output costs to individuals, departments or grants; charge for document featues such as file or paper size, media type, colour, duplex and stitching.
  • Improve productivity - release documents at any network device anywhere on campus across servers
  • Ensure security and confidentiality of document output
  • Make print management simple, routine and virtually automatic


Equitrac Office 4


Equitrac Office 4 as the most-advanced version of our market-leading print and copy management solution provides powerful tools for central networked control of your entire printer and copier fleet. Available as either device-embedded or terminal-based solutions, Equitrac Office 4 supports networked multifunctional devices from every major office equipment manufacturer. And it easily scales from small, single-server sites up to multi-location enterprises with thousands of printers and tens of thousands of users.

With Equitrac Office software, you can track, analyse, allocate and if necessary, recover the costs of every document that any employeee sends to any networked printer, copier or multifunctional device.


  • Optimize the deployment of hardcopy devices
  • Improve supplies management
  • Increase the availability of colour devices without the worry of misuses
  • Allocate output costs to users, departments, projects or clients
  • Direct output to your most efficient printers
  • Eliminate unauthorized printing and copying
  • Protect document security and confidentiality


Global Scan NX


GlobalScan NX is the successor to ScanRouter EX Pro and GlobalScan 2. GlobalScan NX is digital scanning and distribution software that simplifies the integration of paper documents into digital workflow. It converts scanned paper documents into electronic files and routes them to network folders, email addresses, fax servers and other destinations. All scanning processes are pre-set for each MFP by administrator and mapped to buttons (including distribution to multiple destinations at once). Available as both Serverless and Server editions, GlobalScan NX can integrate seamlessly into all business environments, from low volume companies to major organisations.


  • Raise productivity by directly distributing, sharing and managing documents electronically
  • Increase accurate scanning of documents directly into the digital workflow
  • Improve information flow and reduce errors by simple operation
  • Reduce cost in overnight delivery, faxing, storage and document handling costs
  • Improve secure scanning by protecting confidential data


IBS Embadded MFP Firmware


Intelligent Barcode Solution (IBS) software enables a wide range of Multifunctional Products (MFPs) to print barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) from a single program. It seamlessly integrates with MFPs to expand functionality with the ability to incorporate barcode printing into the device's daily function. Thanks to IBS solution you can use fully the built-in printing capabilities of MFPs and laser printers such as paper tray selection, duplex, stapling and hole punching. Whether you print in an SAP R/3 or IBM environment, IBS automatically translates to our code so you can use your MFP and laser printer for different source data without modifying application software.


  • Optimize use of all your office solutions
  • Improve workflow and reduce costs
  • Rapid return on investment - centralised management and full support for most of the barcodes in use today
  • Reduce effort and administration
  • Expand the functionality of our products


IPDS Enabler


The IPDS Enabler is a solution that enables the printing of the IPDS data stream from the AS/400 and other IBM systems via software embedded in our AficioTM hardware devices. Once the software is installed on your AficioTMs, you can start receiving crucial printing data such as transactional documents including bank statements and invoices directly from an IBM host. Mission critical printing for mainframe systems on AficioTM devices is now possible.


  • Space and cost savings - reduce TCO for total printing applications at our customers
  • Flexibility - Copying, faxing and network scanning are used together with add on IPDS printing capability
  • Versatile - advanced controls for paper handling options
  • Security and fidelity - secured and reliable data transmission for mission critical needs


Remote Enterprise


@Remote Enterprise

Target audience are large accounts which want to manage their own fleet and, at the same time benefit from proactive maintenance and a close collaboration with their Service provider. @Remote Enterprise is the combination of a server installed at the customer and a @Remote connector. Launch is on hold at the moment.

How to start using Remote management services and @Remote

An implementation plan is required before you can start using @Remote information. If you are interested, please contact

Remote Office


@Remote is the technology used for collecting information about your customer's networked fleet. This information allows Service companies to provide remote device management services, for example by eliminating customers' involvement in counter reading, providing proactive maintenance to the fleet, or analysis device usage. @Remote works by gathering data from devices in a customer's network and processing it to be used for a number of purposes. It enables you to set intelligent alerts to automatically notify the appropriate person of devices needing service or toner. It also enables remote device adjustment. Your customers can also access information on device usage, providing them extra control and allowing them to develop a strategy to optimise their print environment and to reduce operation costs.




Barcode and OCR Package for SAP R/3 allow you to improve the documentation workflow with barcodes and OCR printing. Postage, packaging, manufacturing, warehousing and supply chain management are just a few important barcode applications. Both, PCL font based packages DIMM type for low to middle range laser printers and SD card type for middle to high volume MFP, include a broad range of barcodes.


  • Optimise workflow and reduce costs
  • Expand functionality of NRG products
  • Easy, cost efficient implementation and improved system integration
  • Save time and maximise efficiency




SmartDeviceMonitor is the latest version of Aficio Manager. This software product is bundled with our machines and positioned to provide customers with increased productivity when using our networked products. This is particulary important in the area of network printing.

Now there's a simple way to monitor and manage printing and other network activities - such as faxing, scanning and copying - from your desktop. Designed to benefit both end users and network administrators, SmartDeviceMonitor is an easy-to-use solution that gives instant on-screen feedback about the status of all network devices - right down to telling you when the machine is ready to print, needs toner or has run out of paper.


  • Effective Monitoring and Easy Analysis
  • Status information at your fingertips
  • Improved productivity
  • Comprehensive job statistics allow greater accountability
  • Restricted user access and remote panel lock