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Why MyQ


Are you a manager? You might find the following MyQ features interesting:

  • cost savings on printing services
  • printer park optimalization
  • detailed cost allocation
  • automatic email reports
  • employee time savings
  • secure printing environment
  • printer misuse prevention
  • best value, best price

IT Support

Are you with the IT? Consider the advantages MyQ has over the systems you are using now:

  • single tool for all devices
  • single tool for all printing features
  • simple installation and management
  • remote access via web
  • automatic import of users
  • automatic search for printing devices
  • detailed overview of the printing devices usage
  • simple and intuitive user interface


Complete solution for printing services

MyQ will support your business with the printing costs allocation, secure printing, scan management, quota and credit management, online printer devices monitoring, graphical reports generation, and much more. MyQ brings a powerful and comfortable solution for all tasks related to printing services.

Easy installation and management

Integrating all monitoring and printing functions into a single unified environment results in a clear and intuitive operation with minimum requirements for installation and system administration.

High compatibility

We take care to ensure MyQ works well in heterogeneous print environments containing different print devices from different manufacturers. MyQ also supports many user identification technologies - contactless and contact cards, chips, and PINs - with new ones added easily.

Pricing policy

To make deciding easier for our customers, we offer one MyQ edition completely without charges. MyQ Free is intended for smaller firms that don't need all the functionality of commercial versions, and for administrators of large companies who want to first get thoroughly familiar with the product before making a purchase. Yet, MyQ Business price is set so it remains within reach for medium and smaller businesses.



Printing services costs reduction is the most common reason for managers to consider a print solution. With MyQ, savings can be realized in several ways.

Centralization of printing

Several personal printers inside offices will be replaced with a powerful corridor device, equipped with the MyQ terminal and ID card reader. Due to the fact that powerful printing device will have up to three times lower printing costs than small personal printers, savings can be very significant.

The MyQ terminal brings the capacity for deferred printing. When user sends a job to the printer, it is not printed until the user presents his/her ID card or PIN to the MyQ terminal at the printer. This way it is guaranteed that no one can exploit the printed data, thus answering the main argument many users have for keeping their own personal printer.

Restricting private and unnecessary prints

User discipline in using corporate printers increases the moment their devices become monitored and print jobs recorded. Monitoring real printing costs for each employee forces users to think more carefully about which of their documents are truly needed to be in paper form.

Company prints optimization - Deferred Printing

Each user is given a possibility to manage their print jobs over MyQ web interface. This way, users can easily revoke jobs that were mistakenly sent to the printer, or which become useless in time between sending the job and collecting the output at the device.

Employee time saver - follow me

The principle of the so-called follow me Printing is that the user does not print directly to the specific printer, but to a shared queue, where the job is stored and waits for the user login on one of the associated devices. The user may select a device on which the job will print, just at the moment when standing by the device. This is useful especially when one of the devices is broken or is currently occupied by another user.





After installation, MyQ provides detailed overview of all activities related to printing, copying and other activities.

Print Equipment Status

From one central place you can track the status of all printing devices regardless of manufacturer and model of equipment. Provided information includes the current status of the device (ready to print, out of paper, out of toner, error messages, etc.), printed page counters, working load of each machine, and other useful info.

Users and user groups Statistics

The manager has access to detailed statistics for individual users or departments, for any period of time. It is possible to trace the printing services usage to the finest detail, seeing for example the exact time of printing for any user on a particular device. In addition to the online web usage statistics, you can also configure scheduled reports to be sent by e-mail.

Real cost of printing

For each device, a corresponding cost of printing and copying can be set. Using statistics, you can easily monitor the real cost for printing and compare the efficiency of individual printers.



Secure / deferred Print

Securing documents from a shared printer against theft and misuse is a substantial argument for MyQ deployment. Just connect your shared device with MyQ terminal and reader, and select deferred printing on MyQ server. The print jobs will then be saved on the server, waiting for user identification at the terminal before going to print.

Secure access to copying devices

If a copy machine is equipped with the MyQ terminal, its control panel is locked, allowing only the authorized users to gain access. Then, assign each user a quota, or just check the usage statistics from time to time...

Data Encryption

All data flowing between the MyQ server and terminals is secured and encrypted. The risk of breaking into the system is therefore limited to a minimum.


Main advantages

MyQ is Universal

  • MyQ supports a wide range of device models from different manufacturers.
  • Online certification allows the deployment of the MyQ Printing Solution with any print device supporting SNMP.

MyQ is Simple

  • Installation and maintenance of MyQ server is very simple and intuitive.
  • MyQ printing solution requires no installation on user workstations.
  • The MyQ installation file contains everything needed, including the configuration tools, web services and database server.
  • System administrators and ordinary users can conveniently manage MyQ via an intuitive web interface.

MyQ is Affordable

  • One of the greatest advantages of MyQ Printing Solution is undoubtedly its low price.
  • MyQ offers the functions you really need, for a price you can easily afford.

MyQ is Adaptable

  • MyQ HW terminal is compatible with a wide range of readers for various kinds of identification technologies. Dual reader combinations supported by default.
  • If the user is already running an attendance system, it is possible to use the existing ID cards for secure MyQ printing.

MyQ is Reliable

  • No over-complicated parsing of the print jobs eliminates the possibility of errors in processing and a crash of the system, as possible with some other vendors.
  • The emphasis on speed of processing results in greater user comfort.

MyQ is Compact

  • MyQ hardware terminal belongs to the smallest in its class, and therefore can be installed directly to the printer or multifunction device, eliminating the ugly wiring and the risk of damage.





Characteristics and features

Basic Function


The copier has its operating panel blocked in the default setting and disables copying without the user identification. Right after the user identification the panel will be unlocked and the function of copying enabled. After the end of copying the user will logout by using the identification element and the number of copies will be charged on his account. If the user accidentally forgets to logout, the system will do it automatically in a selected period of time.

Direct print

The user sends a job for a print. The print job is processed by the system and immediately sent to the selected printer. After print the number of printed pages is charged on the users account. Direct printing function serves only for control of the amount of printing and it does not enable another advanced function like secured or postponed printing. This function does not require the MyQ terminal for user identification.

Secured print

The user sends a job for a print. The print job is processed by the system and saved on the server. The print job remains on the server till the user signs on some printer. Right after this, the job is sent to the selected printer. The secured print function enables printing on any printer in the system (aka the follow me function).

Scan management

The function that significantly simplifies the network scanning on multifunction printers. After the login the scanned task is send to the shared folder or email of the signed user. The user does not have to set any folder or select e-mail address from the list.

Users management

Import of users

MyQ Business Pro edition enables automatic import of users from Active Directory, LDAP, or CSV file. High level of customization of users import ensures correct upload of all required data and even enables combination of AD and CSV data import (e.g. in a case that the numbers of cards are not in the AD and are uploaded from different database).

Management of printing devices

Discovering the printers

Thanks to the MyQ Easy Config application you may easily discover all the printers in your network and import them to the MyQ system.

Device status monitoring

MyQ monitors the actual status of all the printers and regularly checks the counters of all the components.

Export of the list of printing devices

MyQ printing solution enables sending of notifications about the printing devices in the list including the serial numbers, status of the counters etc. This function is very useful as controlling tool in a case of printer renting.

Print session management

Print session modification

It might be useful to set an automatic modification of some printed data. MyQ enables easy adding a new order to the print session e.g. stapling, forced duplex, number of copies of printed data or some optional setting of the print session.

Support of private queues

Private queue is designed for users that will print very sensitive data. The data sent through this queue will be automatically deleted from the server right after printing. Private queue is mainly used by financial departments or company management.

User interface

WEB interface

The user may access MyQ interface through the internet browser. After login the user may see his profile, print tasks structured in the folders according to the status (printed, in a queue, etc.). He/she may sort them according to his needs - pause, delete or resent them to the print queue. User have access to his statistics.

Accounting and reports

Detailed monitoring

The MyQ printing solution enables you to monitor the entire printing network and optimize the settings according to this data anywhere the services and time are wasted. Allocation to the users provides you with the data about personal prints of users but even the inefficiency of printing of the emails and other documents. Allocation to the departments provides you with the possibility of dividing the cost on individual resorts. Allocation to the printing devices detects the overload or underload of the specific device and enables optimizing of the print distribution.

Automatic reporting

MyQ printing solution provides the automatic report sending in a selected period of time. You will have precise information about all the printing processes at your disposal. Large variability of report settings enables users to receive the exact data they need.

Project accounting

This feature enables easy accounting of the print costs to the companies that provide the print service to other legal subjects. The print and copy sessions might be set on a project. The company may see the project statistics and easily account the costs of this service.

Credit accounting

Credit accounting is a function required for functioning of printing devices in public areas like schools, libraries or offices. Every user has the possibility of buying the identification card with the credit and use this card for printing, copying or scanning till he/she expends all the credit. If the credit reaches zero or set value, the MyQ terminal will not allow him to use the printing device till the recharging of the credit. Credit system might be combined with the basic accounting. Which of these accountings will be used might be set in the user settings for any individual user, group of users or even department. Typical example of this system is a public library where the employees may use the device for free while the library customers must use the credit.

Settings of quota for printing and copying

Setting up the quotas for printing and copying prevents the overuse of printing service by users. MyQ enables setting of private quota (limit) to any user for a specified period of time. If the user reaches the set limit the system will not allow using the printing services, copying or any other services according to the settings. Quotas might be set to the number of pages or the cost of printing within the time period. Another settings of quota is by the function - color print, BW print, color copying or BW copying.

Support of central report server

MyQ Business allows collecting the data from multiple MyQ servers and mass processing on the central server. This function might be appreciated by the users that operates in more the one branch and need all the data together in one report.

MyQ graphical reports

With this function you are provided with graphically processed reports from which you may easily see all the required data.

Pricelists according to the real costs on individual devices

This function enables to distinguish the costs of printing on efficient multifunction devices from the small personal printers. The difference among the prices might force users to use the devices with lower operation costs.


Operation systems

MyQ printing solution is designed to enable processing the print tasks from any printing interface - DOS, Linux, AS400, SAP, UNIX and other. MyQ server must be installed on OS WINDOWS.

Printing devices

MyQ printing solution standardly supports large variety of printing devices from different vendors. In cooperation with the manufacturers or distributors are supported following devices: Kyocera, Brother, Canon, Dell, Develop, Gestetner, HP, Konica Minolta, Nashuatec, OCÉ, Rex Rotary, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, Triumph-Adler.

Elements of identification

Hardware of MyQ printing solution enables user to login on the printing device throughout wide range of possible identification elements, e.g. inserting a PIN on a keyboard, contact chip or variable technologies of contactless cards. Following contactless technologies are supported: EM410x, HITAG-1, HITAG-2, HITAG-S, EM4150, T5567, Q5, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare 1k, Mifare 4k, Mifare DESfire, ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693, HID prox, HID iClass, Indala 26b, Indala 27b, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, Cotag, TIRIS and other.