Environmental Policy
      Our Statement: Our Planet is Our Home. Let’s embrace it.       
We, at EBE believe that the human capacity to show kindness and concern is the basis of environmental protection. As we strive to understand the environment better, we work towards a unique compatibility between providing technology and preserving the environment, bringing to our activities a shared concern for people, society, nature and our planet Earth. In order to make EBE's environmental philosophy a reality, our commitment is embodied in each one of our products and in all of our company's operations, including product procurement, sales and service.

After considering the negative impact on the environment of various technological products in the current markets, EBE's management focused on acquiring and distributing only the most renowned worldwide, such as Nashuatec Total Document Solutions and Brother Laser Technology, highly reputed for their environmentally safe attributes, with minimal impact on the ecosystem.

1- Nashuatec encourages numerous worldwide environmental organizations, with the aim to empower their Distributing Partners to develop and promote their own environmental policies. Adopting Nashuatec's Environmental Policy and Action Guidelines, EBE is able to provide full consultancy and service solutions to identify aspects of the clients working environment and tailor adequate environmental and cost saving solutions.
With regards to Nashuatec products, three main activities are adopted and implemented:

i. Energy Saving. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was established to promote energy efficiency. This Agency created a standard that energy saving products must live up to. The Energy Star Program has become the official environmental standard for office equipment on an International level. All Nashuatec new products are ENERGY STAR labeled and comply with the Energy Star guidelines.

ii. Recycling and Resource Conservation. The GREENspot network has been, for many years, a growing association created to help communities and their environment. Nashuatec's products and their packaging are labeled as such and designed in a way to achieve low cost recycling at the end of their life.

iii. Pollution Prevention. Germany's Blue Angel Mark and Scandinavia's Nordic Swan Mark are two internationally renowned labels found on Nashuatec's products, confirming its compliance to the stringent high standards of these certifications. Nashuatec's policy is to guarantee a minimum use and emission of hazardous chemicals.

2- Brother International Corporation (BIC) is committed to setting environmental objectives and targets for their business by manufacturing and selling only eco-conscious products. The Group shows a variety of environmental considerations and conducts diverse environmental activities at all stages of their business activities from product development and design to collection and recycling. Working hand in hand with the Brother group, EBE can supply its market with the following solutions:

i. Compact and lightweight eco-friendly products which do not contain hazardous chemicals so as to conserve resources and minimize pollution.

ii. Products that are strictly manufactured within the ISO14001 system in order to prevent the waste of materials and energy and to reduce pollutants in gas emissions.

iii. Recycling facilities for all its products and consumables.

At EBE, we are committed to implement, communicate and maintain our suppliers' environmental management policies and systems. As we constantly audit our performance against published objectives and targets in the environmental manual, our staff receives regular training on worldwide environmental conservation practices. They are required to report and communicate any incidents or ideas deemed helpful in preventing future reoccurrences and facilitating improvements in the company's environmental performance.

Last but not least, in all our corporate activities we are aware of the global environment and actively and creatively promote conservation strategies. We are determined to raise awareness regarding the environmental issue and to contribute to the preservation of our planet and worldwide prosperity.