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IntelliScan Family

A proven workhorse, BancTec's line of integrated IntelliScan solutions offer high-speed, high-volume, multi-application document processing-with revolutionary speed that's an operational revelation for enterprises worldwide. IntelliScan delivers scanning speeds up to 550 pages per minute, for acceleration of job processing in a wide variety of business applications. And its groundbreaking image-capturing capabilities-up to 600 dpi optical resolution-allow you to capture images with detail unreadable by the naked eye, including fingerprints, high-quality color photographs and more. It's your one-stop processing solution, with advanced technology, intelligent design and flexible configuration that deliver unprecedented performance and value. All to improve your operational efficiencies, and your bottom line.

IntelliScan XDS

Built for multi-application, high-speed and mixed document processing, IntelliScan XDS offers countless ways to handle, process, sort and scan-no matter the document type or size.


  • Configuration options that capture and output color images ranging from 40 pages per minute at a true 600 dpi optical resolution, up to 550 pages per minute at 200 dpi
  • Completely open-track design providing the least restrictive paper path in its class
  • The industry's most advanced 1000+ page document feeder, requiring no presorting of documents
  • Image capture of color, bitonal and grayscale-all in a single pass
  • Real-time JPEG 2000 image output, enabling more image detail and a smaller file size
  • Enhanced optics and illumination capabilities, designed for difficult documents and photographs
  • BancTec's patented TurboTimeTM feature, which allows quick reaction to changing volumes through a disposable "smart" card-no more overbuying processing capacity
  • Proven TripleReadTM technology provides maximum MICR read performance using a combination of optical and magnetic solutions
  • MICR reader can be moved, maximizing throughput for non-MICR jobs
  • Modular design allows for easy equipment updates and additions


IntelliScan SDS

The IntelliScan SDS high-volume production scanner delivers excellent price performance for multi-purpose page scanning applications-in centralized or distributed environments. What's more, it sets new standards in its class for difficult paper handling applications.


The completely open track design of the SDS dramatically improves document throughput and reduces recovery time from paper jams. The advanced 1000+ page document feeder allows operators to feed co-mingled documents of varying paper thickness, quality and sizes-up to 11.9" x 26". And the IntelliScan SDS operates at speeds up to 255 ppm and supports optical resolution of 300 dpi.


  • Minimize paper handling by eliminating presorting of documents, all while capturing images of both sides of each document in single pass
  • Also minimize editing with built-in features like automatic document de-skew, autocropping and omission of blank pages
  • Maximize quality of image capture through automatic handling of exception errors
  • Increase efficiency through minimal training requirements, ease of operation and operator-friendly features-including time and date stamp, document indexing and automatic data entry via OCR


IntelliScan SDS includes the IntelliScan USC software for complete, integrated capture and transport control.

IntelliScan USC

IntelliScan USC is the software core of the IntelliScan solution suite, providing fully integrated capture and transport control.

IntelliScan USC provides real-time identification and processing of documents with a dynamic feature allowing scanned documents to be identified by type, using barcode (1D and 2D), true E13B MICR and OCR technology. Once a document type is associated with a form, decisions for inkjet print, sorting, capture settings or item sequencing can be assigned. This technology saves vast amounts of time, all the way from document preparation to capture.