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 Save space

This compact laser fax machine doubles up as a printer, copier and a scanner†. The built-in handset frees up space without the need to purchase a separate phone for your office. The compact size is packed with many features and its aesthetic design fits right into your modern office environment.




The FAX-1020e is a fax machine with telephone and copier, and is compact enough for the home or office where space is limited. 

This is the mid-range plain-paper fax machine which includes 512KB of memory for broadcasting, super quick scan and up to 25-page* out-of-paper reception memory. It has a 200-sheet capacity and comes with a 20-page automatic document feeder for multiple copying or faxing convenience. 

There are 12 one-touch dials and up to 100 speed-dial locations, all designed to make business more effective and efficient. 

It comes standard with a telephone handset and built-in automatic fax/tel switch. 



Brother Fax-1030e is a fax machine with telephone, copier, as well as a message centre - perfect for the home and office where space is limited. Fax-1030e is the mid-range plain paper fax machine that includes a 1MB memory for out-of-paper reception of up to 50 pages*. It comes with 12 one-touch dials, 100 speed dials and up to 6 groups dials, perfect for the user to configure for his/her own faxing convenience. In addition, Fax-1030e has a 200-sheet paper capacity and even comes with a 20-page automatic document feeder for multiple copying or faxing, all designed to make the business more effective and efficient.


Fax-1030e also offers the convenience of use with an integrated phone as it comes standard with a telephone handset and built-in automatic Fax/Tel switch.




Brother FAX-837MCS is a user-friendly fax with integral handset and built-in digital answering machine. Compact and stylish, this is definitely the easy-to-use facsimile that connects you to family members locally and overseas with a range of communications options - be it fax or phone! FAX-837MCS comes with a G3 high speed 14.4K bps modem that ensures fast transmission. It has a 512KB memory capacity to save incoming faxes up to 20 pages*. In addition, FAX-837MCS allows you pre-set 100 speed dial buttons and even broadcast to 104 locations. There are also 4 group dials available to make your fax jobs easier than before. Its automatic document feeder allows you to hold 10 pages of documents while waiting for transmissions to go through. FAX-837MCS is definitely the easy-to-use fax machine for the home office and small office. 



The FAX-878 is easy-to-use, compact in size and is packed with great features ideal for your home and business needs. More than just a facsimile, it can make copies of your faxes or other documents and comes with an integrated handset that can be used to make calls.


Brother's Fax Easy series delivers an easy-to-use, attractive and space-saving solution to meet all your facsimile needs.


* Based on ITU-T Test Chart #1 at standard resolution in ECM mode 



FAX-236S is a direct thermal paper facsimile that comes with features like a key-lock system which enables the machine to cease sending faxes, making a phone call or copying, an automatic paper cutter and an anti-curl system. This feature-packed fax includes a 9.6 kbps modem and 104-station quick dials for the user's convenience. It includes speed-dial storage of up to 100 locations and a built-in automatic document feeder that loads up to 10 pages. Overall, this fax machine helps to save costs as it is able to accommodate up to 50m of paper roll capacity. 


Any fax user will appreciate the convenience of a 10-page automatic document feeder, 104-station quick dial feature, and convenient copying. It comes with a 14.4K bps fax modem that sends your faxes in as little as nine seconds. Other features that the user will appreciate are delayed transmission, 512 MB to store out-of-paper reception and the built-in answering machine with a recording time of up to 15 minutes.