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EBE is proud to offer you a new software that would lead you to manage and control your copying, printing and scanning environment.

 MyQ will support your business with the printing costs allocation, secure printing, scan management, quota and credit management, online printer devices monitoring, graphical reports generation, and much more. MyQ brings a powerful and comfortable solution for all tasks related to printing services.


  • Cost savings on printing services
  • Printer park optimalization
  • Detailed cost allocation
  • Automatic email reports
  • Employeetime savings
  • Secureprinting environment
  • Printer misuse prevention
  • Best value, best price



  • Single tool for all devices
  • Single tool for all printing features
  • Simple installation and management
  • Remote access via web
  • Automaticimport of users
  • Automatic search for printing devices
  • Detailed overview of the printingdevices usage
  • Simple and intuitive user interface


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We take care to ensure MyQ works well in heterogeneous print environments containing different print devices from different manufacturers. MyQ also supports many user identification technologies - contactless and contact cards, chips, and PINs - with new ones added easily